Prospect Machine inc flat top conveyor
Custom made Flat Top Conveyers for food and medical industry.          

Flat Top Conveyors

PM Universal top
      • All Stainless Steel Construction • Offers variable speed milling with auger induced hopper • Multifaceted milling wheel for grinding of dry or moist ingredients • Quick and easy to clean set up reduces initial and operational process time • Interchangeable mesh screens allow for variable particle […]

PM Universal mill

PM600 Vacuum Tablet Deduster 6
  • All Stainless Steel Parts • Stepping cleaning chamber design with air –jet manifold for complete cleaning. • Air nozzle regulator control • Adjustable slope of the unit allows tablets to move through the de-duster at a speed of tablets coming of the tablet press • Mounted on casters […]

PM600 Vacuum Tablet Deduster

Stainless steel machined custom part SVV_8508
Examples of some steel parts made by Prospect Machine.    Contact us to get a quote for your part >>

Custom Steel Parts

Prats Slider
Prospect Machine has been making custom parts for pharmaceutical machines for a long time. We have skills, capability and stock of FDA approved materials to make parts that you need.

Parts for pharmaceutical machines

• One Inspection station for both capsules and tablets • Accommodates inspection of all sizes of capsules and all shapes of tablets (coated and uncoated) without any change parts • All Stainless Steel frame construction along with Lexan Rollers for easy to clean and disinfect surface areas (for FDA cleaning […]

PM101 Inspection Machine